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Reiki is an ancient, gentle, hands on energy healing therapy rediscovered by Dr. Usui from Japan in the 1920’s.

Reiki is a precise method for connecting life force energy with the body's innate ability to heal. It works on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. 

 Reiki is a beautiful expression of self care that helps you connect with yourself on a deep level and helps to bring you back into the fullness & the wholeness of who you are. 

 It works in harmony with all other forms of physical and mental health care and can never do harm. It is safe for everyone.

Understanding Reiki is a lifelong process. It cannot be conventionally described, and science is not yet able to prove it. It can be difficult to put into words.  The best way to know Reiki is to experience it and be open to the magic of it. 

 Know that Reiki will always work for you in the exact way it is meant to in that moment and always serves your greatest good, although our human mind may not understand it fully in the moment. 

Reiki Principles

  • Just for today, do not anger

  • Just for today, do not worry

  • Just for today show gratitude and appreciation

  • Just for today Be kind to all living beings

  • Just for today work (spiritually) hard on yourself

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Experience Reiki Yourself

Schedule a session in the comfort of your own home or outdoors at a location of your choice for yourself, a loved one, or even your pet.

New Client Special


We bring everything needed for the session you get to simply relax and enjoy.

To reserve your appointment time message

Let us know 3 options of your desired appointment and we will be in touch to confirm with in 24 hours.

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Master Training

In person and self paced online options available coming soon!

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